Появление Сергея Гуриева на форуме Дельфи

Вторник, 27 Июль 1999
Can you imagine that 1) some alumni did not know him at that point, 2) he offered to "assist alumni in lobbying the necessary changes"?

From: SGURIEV 7/27/99 12:23:39 PM ET 

Hi guys, 
greetings from Sergei Guriev (www.nes.cemi.rssi.ru/~sguriev/). 
Many of you do know me, but some don't. I am the first tenure-track professor at NES, I teach 4 modules a year (30% of my salary), do research (50%) and administer NES outreach activities (20%). I am also part-time with RECEP. 
I am hired by NES as of Sep 1, 1999 and plan to stay here for a while. This is why I am interested in making this place perfect and have indeed already tried to do something. As you know there are lots of things to be done which everyone is aware of. However I will be glad to hear all kinds of ideas to be implemented. As the (only) faculty member and the outreach director I have some weight here so I can assist alumni in lobbying the necessary changes. I also administer a grant we have got for outreach and may be able to finance something.