Moscow holiday trip of Obidimo students, December 22, 2013

Thanks to support of the New Economic School and its alumni and friends, children from the residential School for Orphans and Children from Underprivileged Families in the village of Obidimo (Tula region) made a long-awaited trip to Moscow. See pictures here.

Upon arrival to Moscow, the group went to see a magic holiday show “Neznaika: I'm back!” (in Russian 'Незнайка: я вернулся!') at Crocus City Hall, one of the largest concert halls in Russia.  The concert hall was transformed into a spaceship surrounded by planets.  The show made a great impression on the children: they were mesmerised by performances of the magicians, a laser show and a bubble soap shooting stars shower.  This was only a beginning of an unforgettable day. 

After the galactic adventures, our volunteers announced a surprise lunch at McDonald’s. The fast food restaurant had become the children's favorite places on one of the trips to Moscow. This time it was just as ecxiting. 

The galactic adventure continued at the Memorial Space Museum. During a two-hour tour our travelers had a chance to touch pieces of meteors and take pictures with space shuttles on the background.

When asked “How did you like your day”, our guests replied as one “Loved it!” But the day was not over. Our next stop was called “the gift stop”. 

In December, NES held its annual “The box of joy” gift drive among its alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the University. About 50 members of the NES community brought gifts for all of the children living in the orphanage. 

After their visit to the museum, the children arrived to NES for a small gift ceremony. Each child received their gift from one of the fifty Santas to a round of applause. 

“How did you know it’s my favorite color?” said a third grade student of the Obidimo school excitedly while opening his gift bag. 

During the gift drive we received additional presents which was a blessing during our gift ceremony. Ten year old Sasha had been brought to the orphanage right before the trip and was not expecting to get a present. He was not on volunteer’s list of gifts, and we feared he would get upset.  Thanks to our amazing gift donors, we were able to make a surprise for Sasha. Unwrapping his gift, Sasha happily exclaimed, ‘Have a look at this!’ and showed us his new tiger-faced mittens.  

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the gift drive. You helped us make this day a memorable one for everyone involved, children and volunteers alike! 

In addition to “The box of joy” gifts, Obidimo students each received a box of chocolate and a Frisbee disk. Our volunteers bought the Frisbee disks as funny symbols of a flying saucer, a souvenir of our galactic trip. 

After exchanging long hugs with volunteers, our guests were waving goodbye until their bus disappeared from view. It was hard to say goodbye after such adventurous day filled with children’s laughter.

We would like to thank everyone who helped organize this fantastic day trip: Tatiana Belyaeva, Ivan Zhdankin (MAE’2014), Anna Kazaryan (MAE’2014), Anton Kozirin, Ksenia Korbukova, Irina Kruglova, Maya Kultiyasova, Svetlana Nabieva, Evgeniy Oskirko (MiF'2013), Daria Parhuts, Alexander Patlach (MiF’2014), Olga Polischuk (MAE'2010), Vadim Sayafarov (MAE’2010), Elena Skovorodnikova, Alisa Tizik, Daria Tkacheva, Natalia Yurgens (MiF’2014). 

We would also like to thank the “Box of joy” gift drive donors: Egor Abramov (MAE'2013), Kamila Alyeeva (MAE'2014), Mikhail Alexandrovski (MAE'1996), Maria Aralkina, Irina Arkhipova (BAE'2016), Tamara Bezhanova (BAE'2016), Andrey Belbas (MiF'2015), Anastasia Bochkovskaya (BAE'2016), Timophei Volozh (BAE'2016), Tatiana Grigorovich (BAE'2017), Olga Zagvozdkin (MAE’2004), Anna Ignatenko (MAE'2013), Anton Kozirin (BAE'2017), Sergei Kopilov (MAE'2005), Andrey Kuznetsov (MiF'2010), Olga Kuznetsova (BAE'2016), Inna Lobanova (MAE'2013), Elena Lomivortova (MAE'2009), Mikhail Matitsin (MAE'2011), Natalia Menskaya (BAE'2016), Galina Molchanova (MiF'2014), Ilnura Mukhаmеdzhanova (BAE'2017), Kirill Pak (MAE'2012), Alexader Pervushin (MiF'2011), Ksenia Perepelkina (MAE'2012), Andrey Petrin (BAE'2015), Ekaterina Smilk (BAE'2017),  Annd Stepuk (BAE'2015), Alina Tikhonova, Diana Tolstiga (MAE'2011), Roman Tyan (MiF'2014), Alexandra Philippova (MAE'2013), Guli Kholmatova (BAE'2015), Ksenia Cherepnina (BAE'2016), and Oleg Yakubov (MiF'2008).

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the production center Sedmaya Raduga (“Neznaika: I'm back!” show), and to the Memorial Space Museum for their support!
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!