Plans of the Partnership for the Summer of 2009

On the Partnership's board meeting (18 May 200) the following directions for future activities of the Partnership during the next three months were planned:

Area Task
Information gathering: website Collect and publish on this website full information on all alumni initiatives.
Consultancy and In-kind help to students of NES: funds and equipment Collect missing information on funds, summarize it, prepare descriptions, reports and contact points of all funds. Publish on the website.
Equipment and infrastructure assistance to NES: gather NES requirements
Pilot project - giving books to NES library, overseas book transfer coordination.
Understand and organize information collection process, describe needs and requirements of NES, publish on the website.
Pilot project - to coordinate book gifts to NES library from abroad.
Charity projects Orphanage support coordination, other projects.
Events: sport and fun Plan, coordinate and organize NES Run competition.