New Year's celebration in Obidimo

Thank to the efforts of NES community the New Year's celebration was made possible for the kids of the Obidimo orphanage! On December 26th a group of 20 people (NES students, alumni, professors and NES staff) drove down to Obidimo where the children greeted them with performances, songs, and dances which they had prepared ahead of time. Afterwards each child eagerly received his or her gift personally from Ded Moroz.

We thank you all for your efforts in taking the time to purchase and wrap gifts and write personal cards from Ded Moroz. All other gifts and donations were also given to the orphanage. We are very grateful to everyone who drove down in the cold Russian winter weather to make this joyous event possible. Thanks to everyone's help and enthusiasm the celebration was a big success!

If you are interested in learning about future events with Obidimo or other charity projects, you are welcome to join the Charity Committee group of the NES Alumni and Friends Partnership.