New Economic Start 2010 results

On September 12, 2010, the non-profit partnership “NES Alumni and Friends” organized the second NES run – “New Economic Start 2010.” 

The event was generously supported by American Appraisal, the sponsor of the last-year run. We’d like to express our gratitude to the sponsor, and we hope that our cooperation with American Appraisal will become a long-term tradition.


More than 150 NES alumni, students, professors, staff members and friends participated in the event. Participants’ contribution for charity projects of the non-profit partnership “NES Alumni and Friends” amounted to 110,000 rubles.

NES Rector and Morgan Stanley Professor of Economics Sergei Guriev, and Hans Rausing Professor of Economics Ekaterina Zhuravskaya supported the run in Paris.


This year NES students were especially active in organizing the event: the second-year students arranged a picnic with self-made natural-ingredient sandwiches for all the participants of the run.


Another innovation was a mini-run in Hong Kong: five alumni and friends participated in it. We hope that NES alumni in other parts of the world will join us in subsequent years, and that this event will eventually become a world-wide alumni tradition.

The list of participants and their results can be seen in the Russian version of this article.

We thank everybody for the great fest!

More pictures of the run can be seen here: