New Economic Start 2014

On September 14, 2014, approximately 180 NES students, professors, alumni and staff participated in the sixth annual NES 5K Charity Run – New Economic Start 2014. On one day the NES community was united around the world in six countries, eight cities: Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Stockholm, New York, Chicago and Penn State University!

Photographs from the NES Run in Moscow >>>
Photographs and results from the NES run abroad >>>


The New Economic School and the Non-Profit Partnership “NES Alumni and Friends” would like to thank American Appraisal for supporting the NES run through donations for sixconsecutive years.

We would also like to thank the Moscow Palace of Children’s (Youth) Creativity (Московский городской Дворец детского (юношеского) творчества), for allowing us to hold the run in Moscow on the park’s territory and helping organize this event.

All donations, which will go to the NP “NES Alumni and Friends” Charity Committee for educational and developmental projects for children of the Obidimo orphanage in the Province of Tula, Russia (180 km outside of Moscow). In total, approximately $2,700 were collected: in Moscow 85,600 rubles were collected in donations, in Hong Kong – 3,000 HKD, and UK participants donated 280 GBP.  Thank you for your support!

We would like to say a special thank you to all of the organizers and volunteers who made this memorable event possible!  We are very grateful to Danila Deliya (MAE’2007), who has helped us with the online registration for New Economic Start for every New Economic Start race. And many thanks to our alumni ambassadors in different countries, who organized and united NES alums and friends around the world for this event!

Results of the NES Run in Moscow >>>

Results of the NES Run abroad >>>


We congratulate all of the children who took part in this year's run!

Федор Кузнецов, Ольга Смирнова, 
Малик Раджапов

Winners among women:

1 место - Алиса Тизик (BAE'2015),
2 место - Анастасия Семынина (MAE'2011),
3 место - Мария Василенко (MAE'2013).

Winners among men:

1 место - Руслан Раджапов (NES Friend),
2 место - Игорь Бардин (NES Friend),
3 место - Евгений Чаплыгин (MAE'2016).

This year's warm-up before the run was led by Kristina Nesterova (MAE'2012). Thank you Kristina for the great warm-up that's so important for runners before a race!

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers and organizers who made this event possible!
Nataliya Chernova (MAE'2011), Andrey Feklenkov (MiF'2016), Ivan Kondratenko (MAE'2015), 
Nikita Malikin (MAE'2015), Irina Osipova (BAE'2015), Andrey Romanshevskiy (MAE'2016), 
Alexander Rubin (MAE'2015), Valentina Velentyeva (BAE'2015)
Zarema Kasabieva, Anna Klimova, Irina Kruglova, Olga Kryukovskaya, Maya Kultiyasova, 
Svetlana Nabieva, Pavel Rubtsov, Lyudmila Savchenko, Irina Sibiryakova.


We hope to see you at next year's New Economic Start!

Questions? Please contact Svetlana Nabieva at

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